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John Blanchard Driving Instructor

The Instructor and the School

     John Blanchard, an experienced and certified teacher at Muskoka Driving School, has been teaching students for over thirty years. He began his teaching career in Bracebridge at the Muskoka Lakes Secondary School (BMLSS) in 1985, teaching English and New Media. In 1996, the Blanchard's officially opened up Muskoka Driving School for business.


     John was trained how to drive professionally at the Ontario Safety League. He has been taught to teach both In-Car and In-Class lessons, and has been doing so for over fifteen years now.


     Today, Muskoka Driving School takes pride in its Muskokan Heritage. And, as a small business, with small classes, we are proud to offer a higher level of Education that you can't get anywhere else.

 Get On The Road!
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