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Important Information

For Parents and Students

What You Need to Know:


Benefits of enrolling into a driving school:


- G2 four months earlier: Graduates will be registered with the Ministry of Transportation, enabling them to apply for the G2 test four months earlier!


- Eligible for Potential Insurance Savings: BDE Graduates with a DLH (Driver's Licence History, Certificate) may be eligible for an insurance discount. The BDE Student Record is recognized by the insurance industry.


- Collision Avoidance and Attitude Improvement:  Students will learn strategic defensive driving techniques and practice that could one day save their lives. The most crucial benefit of all.


- Know the Road, the Rules, and the Regulations: don't just assume or rely on rumors and word of mouth. Get the facts straight, know the law. It could save you lots of money and time, not to mention, your life.



Important Information / Policies:

- ALL STUDENTS must start the course day one of the BDE course and follow the sequence of the ministry approved course classes to the end. A student is only allowed to be absent from a class because of sickness or a bonafide emergency, and only then will be permitted to make up that particular missed class in a future course to complete the BDE program.

-It is a regulatory MTO requirement that a student MUST complete the course within 12 months of the starting date of the first class (Subsection 26 (2) of O. Reg. 473/07). However, if a student is absent from a class because of sickness or a bona fide emergency they will be permitted to make up that particular class. There is no wiggle room here, it is the law.

- Parent's MUST practice with their kids after each lesson in order to help their kids advance new skills to the next lesson. We can show them how to perform the maneuvers, but only you can let them practice. Without practice, students WILL have a harder time advancing.

- 24 Hour notice is required to cancel booked appointments. Missed or no-show appointments are lost and would have to be bought back to complete 10 required hours necessary to graduate. Muskoka Driving School is not responsible for tracking down or rescheduling appointments. It is the students responsibility to communicate with us and book their driving times. After one year, you will have to take the course again in order to graduate.


- The first driving lesson must be completed within ONE MONTH of completing the In-Class.


- Students are required to read chapters from Today's Driver's Manual ahead of classes, and complete all home assignments.

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